Aspergillus fumigatus

Shape and Size
Conidia;2-3.5 microns
Genome Information
Aspergillus fumigatus Af293, linear DNA, RefSeq NZ_AAHF00000000.1, Size 29.39 Mb, GC% 49.8, Protein 9,630,tRNA 229, Gene 9,916, Pseudogene 57
Food Source
food items such as ground spices
Pathological Factor
Aspergillus fumigatus is capable of producing several toxin one is called fumitremorgens A, B and C which are toxic cyclic dipeptides.which affect the central nervous system, causing tremors.Mycotoxins can enter the food chain through meat, eggs, milk, dairy products if animals have eaten contaminated animal feed.
cough, fever, chest pain, and difficulty breathing, Poorly controlled aspergillosis can cause widespread organ damage, jaundice, lung and kidney failure
Affected Body Organs
lungs, kidney,

Kingdom Fungi
Division Ascomycota
Class Eurotiomycetes
Order Eurotiales
Family Trichocomaceae
Genus Aspergillus
Species A. Fumigatus