Aspergillus ochraceus

Shape and Size
irregular in shape,. Conidia dimensions: 2.5 - 3 microns up to 1 mm diam.
Genome Information
whole genome not found
Food Source
Pathological Factor
The major toxin produced by A. ochraceus and the other closely related species is ochratoxin A. There are three toxins, ochratoxin A, B and C. This organism also produces Penicillic acid, a mycotoxin of lower toxicity. Other reported metabolites are xanthomegnin and viomellein.
listlessness, emaciation, dehydration, and occasional diarrhea.
Affected Body Organs
lungs, gastro intestinal organs

Kingdom Fungi
Division Ascomycota
Class Eurotiomycetes
Order Eurotiales
Family Trichocomaceae
Genus Aspergillus
Species A. Ochraceus