Aspergillus terreus

Shape and Size
Conidia dimensions: 1.8-2.4 microns or 2 - 2.5 microns
Genome Information
Aspergillus terreus NIH2624, RefSeq NZ_AAJN00000000.1, linear DNA, Size 29.36, GC% 52.9, Protein 10,401, tRNA 150, Gene 10,551,Pseudogene 3
Food Source
stored grains, cereals, potatoes, fruits and dried fruits, coconut oil, spices, refrigerated products
Pathological Factor
They produce a group of known as territrems. These toxins do not contain nitrogen. Territrems are acutely toxic causing whole body tremors within 5 minutes and other neurological symptoms within 23-30 minutes, all of which subside within 1 hour. The toxin appears to act by blocking acetylcholinesterase activity .Also producese toxins patulin and citrinin.Patulin is mainly responsible to cause foodborne illness.Aspergillus terreus cause of aspergillosis, and infection caused by A. terreus carries a much higher mortality rate than any of the more than 20 pathogenic Aspergillus species, with mortality reaching 100% in many series.
Symptoms of Otomycosis is subacute or chronic superficial fungal infection of the external auditory canal and auricle (ear), nose and throat. Onychomycosis symptoms includes nail infection. Aspergillosis infection includes cough, fever, chest pain, and difficulty breathing, Poorly controlled aspergillosis can cause widespread organ damage, jaundice, lung and kidney failure.
Affected Body Organs
ear, nose, throat, lung, kidney,

Kingdom Fungi
Division Ascomycota
Class Eurotiomycetes
Order Eurotiales
Family Trichocomaceae
Genus Aspergillus
Species A. Terreus