Aspergillus versicolor

Shape and Size
120 700 Ám in length. variable in shape but are often described as "spoon-shaped".
Genome Information
whole genome not found
Food Source
wheat, corn, flour and rice, variety of nuts, fermented and cured meats and biltong, spices and cheese
Pathological Factor
Sterigmatocystin is produced by several species of fung, but A. Versicolor responsible to cause foodborne illness.Sterigmatocystin has the potential to cause human liver cancer. Natural occurrence of sterigmatocystin has been found in rice, wheat and barley. This toxin has low acute oral toxicity because it is relatively insoluble in water and gastric juices. But even low doses can cause tumor and pathological changes.
common symptom of a fungal nail infection is the nail becoming thickened and discoloured: white, black, yellow or green, A fungus ball in the lungs, epeated coughing up of blood, chest pain, and occasionally severe, even fatal, bleeding.
Affected Body Organs
nails, lungs

Kingdom Fungi
Division Ascomycota
Class Eurotiomycetes
Order Eurotiales
Family Trichocomaceae
Genus Aspergillus
Species A. Versicolor