About Bioinformatics

Since last two decades the scientific scenario pertaining to life sciences has changed dramatically in the world and many new multidisciplinary fields have emerged out. Bioinformatics pipelined itself on the top among other emerging endeavours and has created a great hype in technocratic terms.

Bioinformatics is a result of merging of two most promising and leading technologies, Information Technology and Biotechnology. This discipline originated to resolve biological problems by computational solutions. It explores the hidden biological principles which governs the integrity of an organisms driven by hidden forces that make life stable and susceptible to environment. Genome sequencing projects played indispensable role in accelerating bioinformatics research. This involves sequencing of complete genetic material of an organism which is composed of string of nucleotide units. Many projects have successfully completed and many are underway. The successful completion of Human Genome Project in April 2003 has marked the new entry in revolutionary science. Daily enormous amount of information or data is being generated through these genome sequencing task and is being deposited systematically in information banks, known as Biological Databases. The information technology is employed to store, manage and further analyze the information. Today, most of sequence annotations are performed in-silico just after obtaining the sequence.