DISPROLIC stands for Database of Interaction Specificity in Protein-Ligand Complexes. It is simple web based tool, which calculates the atomic interactions betweem Ligand and Protein molecule. Upon selecting the given Protein -Ligand Complex, it determines the available ligand types and chains in the selected complex. User can select different options to evaluate the interactions specificity of ligand in the complex. The result table contain the details of each atomic interaction between ligand and protein molecule in the given protein complex.
The interface is self explanatory and it only requires the PDB file containing at least one ligand. In the present tool, two methods have been implemented to analyze interaction specificity. The first method is based upon the connectivity records of the PDB format and the second methods is based upon the user-defined atomic distance (RMSD or Euclidian distance) for particular interaction. User can opt for different level of distance cut-offfor specific ligand and can analyze the interaction alternatives.The connectivity matrix based method calculates faster than RMSD based method.

Using this tool, user can easily anayze various covalent and non-covalent interactions such as H-bond, Electrostatic, Van der Waals etc., by setting cut-off distance
The current version contain 20 different protein complexes.